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All it takes is 4 WEEKS for you to see a change in your body; 8 WEEKS for you're friends and family, and 12 WEEKS for the rest of the world.

Why Slater Three Rivers?

The Slater Gym Group doesn't treat fitness as an expensive, time-consuming hobby (or worse, a chore). Our facilities, equipment and workouts are designed to fit into your life, so you get the results you are looking to achieve and sustain, year after year.

Time to Spin!

Spinning has, over the last few years, become one of the most popular activities among our members. Classes are scheduled at convenient times, and are lead by fun and very popular instructors.

Huge Cardio Areas

When it comes to Cardio, we've got top of the line equipment. Everything from Cycles, Treadmiills, elipticles & recumbents, all designed to make fitness and fat burning, as easy and comfortable as possible.

Nice & Easy!

If you are new to exercising, then the EasyLine Circuit is exactly what the doctor ordered. It's easy, It's fun and it's very effective. You are going to love it. 

The Treadmill Curve

The hottest 'thing' in gyms right now. The Curve Treadmills are taking our clubs by storm. Wether you're a seasoned runner, or just want to stretch your legs with an easy walk, The Curve is all you'll need.

Full Body Circuits

Our Upper body, lower body and mid-section Circuits are designed to give you a fantastic full body workout that works. Great for new members, and people who just want a fast quick-in, quick-out workout that does the job. 

Aerobics: a timeless favorite

An absolute favorite among our weight loss & fitness orientated members. Aerobics is a timeless group activity that never gets old. It's fun, it's effective, it's social and its popular. Classes are scheduled at convenient times, and are lead by fun and very popular instructors. 

Muscle Up

If strength and muscle building are your thing, then our Pure Strength area is for you. Olympic standard strength equipment that targets specific muscle zones in a way you'll not get anywhere else. 

Power Strength Areas

True strength & body shaping starts with balance. Our Strength and Free Weight area is jam packed with all the Dumbbells, Barbells and Benches you'll need to work up to heavier, and heavier weights. Great for both men and women of all ages. 

Kinesis Wall Zone

Kinesis Training takes traditional exercises and combines them with functional movements . Our Kinesis Wall Zone improves balance, core/overall strength, and flexibility for people of all fitness levels.

Flex-Ability Zone

Move, balance, improve your flexibility and loosen up your muscles in our Felx-Ability Zone with stretching exercises that target everything from your back to your chest to your hips and legs.

Child Care

Child Care facilities are available in all our clubs. Simply bring the young ones with, drop them off in the Child Care area, and go have a great workout. Toys, TV's and friends will keep the little ones busy while you take some 'you-time'.